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Introduction: by Peter Marshall 
This state-of-the-industry interview is one of the most important I have conducted in a very long time and rightly deserves to be featured on its own within the Aviation:The new Digital Age video series. It is a very frank and honest exchange of all the challenges – and opportunities – currently facing Europe’s airports. It’s about resetting the agenda: on decarbonisation, digitalisation, modernisation and change.
But the interview also covers much more than that: the reality of airport finances and investment, airport sustainability, societal pressure, airport charges and fees, the Minimum Annual Guarantee model, future proofing, health, safety and wellness, urban airports and the ongoing battle with IATA. It is an inclusive and impassioned exchange and if you are at all connected to the airport sector – whether as an owner, operator, travel retailer, brand or employee, it makes for compelling viewing.

Peter Marshall

Founder: trunblocked.com/Marshall Arts

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