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By: Peter Marshall
Following last year’s successful video webinar series, Future Airports: From Here to Where, produced in association with Portland Design, I am delighted to announce a brand new industry film entitled Aviation in the Digital Age, which will be launched on this site on October 6th.
It covers all sectors of the industry – airports, airlines, travel retail and brands. Most companies now believe that their current business models will not remain viable if they fail to digitise. The problem with our industry is that it is still steeply behind the curve. Covid has exacerbated the situation, creating new customer needs and requirements and has served to highlight the need for far greater acceleration for change.
The aim of this film is to showcase those companies that are pioneering and executing digital change and innovation that actually works and is having a direct impact on building business and creating incremental sales. It features location filming as well as interviews. Whether Hudson’s Nonstop, omni-channel solutions from 3Sixty and Omnevo, Istanbul Airport’s wholesale commitment to digitalisation, Showfields’ extraordinary retail execution or the building of the Wellness category through companies like Rituals and dedicated concierge services like Centred Wellness for Travel, this business is changing, and fast.
It’s a simple truth, but worth stating. Any business who does not act to digitise will simply see their business lose touch, then fail. 
As you will expect from trunblocked.com, we do not sit on the fence. The video features 6 CEO’s and their comments are as straight-speaking as you can get. One or two well-known industry consultants add to the mix. As ever, the purpose is to provide examples which the industry can adopt or adapt to meet today’s customer and market challenges.
Watch this space!

Peter Marshall

Founder: trunblocked.com/Marshall Arts

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