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Introduction by: Peter Marshall

Kirsi Puntila is Senior VP, International Division of Anora Group Plc and she knows the wines and spirits business inside out. On www.trunblocked.com this week we feature this fast-paced 9 minute video interview which centres on the company’s business model to deliver their ambitious growth strategy. She sees global Travel Retail as a genuine growth enabler, and Anora clearly has the brands to  achieve their target through organic growth and acquisitions.
As you will have seen in CEO Pekka Tennila’s video last week, Anora is dedicated to being the forerunner of sustainability in every aspect of the business. They also see themselves as having an educational role for their customers. Their partnership with trunblocked.com‘s new monthly editorial on the blog – Sustainability Matters – is important because not only will it help create a better understanding of the benefits of sustainable actions, it will also provide some practical solutions.


Peter Marshall

Founder: trunblocked.com/Marshall Arts

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