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Introduction: Peter Marshall 

This is a very special edition of trunblocked.com. Full of all things for the festive season, we feature a wonderful story about a unique brand, a glogg with a still-secret recipe, whose distribution lies mostly in Sweden and the Nordic region. But now the people at Anora are rightfully looking to expand its base in global duty free. Blossa’s history goes back a long way, and has been traditionally viewed as a Christmas season drink. But it is definitely much more than that, as you will find out.
So this story shows some of the very special things that the brand does for its very loyal customer base –  a flashmob in many Stockholm stores, taking over hotel rooms and dressing them with all Christmassy things – together with a bottle of Blossa, of course. Plus a glorious animated cartoon commercial for Christmas which just glows with warmth and a jingle that I guarantee you will be humming throughout Christmas and the New Year.
It’s the perfect feature to end what has been a great year for www.trunblocked.com and I want to take this opportunity of thanking all our readers and viewers for your interest, support and comments and want to wish you all the very best for Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Have a great one!
I look forward to making some big announcements early in 2023.


Peter Marshall

Founder: trunblocked.com/Marshall Arts

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