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Introduction: by Peter Marshall

Brian Chappon, CENTRED’s  Founder and CEO is a self-styled scrappy social entrepreneur, but he is also a very positive disruptor. In a very short period he has developed a one-stop, digital travel wellness concierge with just under 60 million members (estimated to grow to 80 million in 2022) with over 40000 business partners. According to Brian, CENTRED is the first app-based programme dedicated to helping travellers focus on their wellness and overcome the ravages of travel during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond”.  He and his team’s timing and the success of the app are testament to meeting the new needs of travelling passengers. Many areas of passengers’ travel journey are covered  – from airport lounges, wellness hotels, tele-health, fitness, yoga, beauty and spas. The app has gained such traction it will be difficult for airports and others to ignore some forms of collaboration.
And Brian has some very strong views about airports, too.  All this and more in a remarkable interview I conducted with him a few months ago and featured exclusively on www.trunblocked.com  The video itself is extracted from the Aviation: The New Digital Age series, currently being aired on trunblocked. 

Peter Marshall

Founder: trunblocked.com/Marshall Arts

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