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Introduction by: Peter Marshall

If you thought last week’s interview was provocative, then you are in for a further treat in Part 2 of Ibrahim Ibrahim’s interview on trunblocked.com. Ibrahim believes that airports have been too slow to adapt post COVID – that they need to now “break the shackles of this pandemic of mediocrity” that they offer. But he also believes that airports have the potential to be the most powerful media platform for a brand.


This means a complete change of mindset and master planning – moving from airports thinking only of themselves as “concrete boxes with glass fronts and light boxes above” to ones of creating ‘stage sets’ instead, providing open-sell, programmable and reconfigurable spaces. It’s a brave new world and he talks about the 3 different typologies of space that will create the new model, each with a different revenue model. “A do nothing strategy is not an option. Do and learn, not wait and see”.


Part of this structural change is the inclusion of co-working space, because a co-working environment is now also retail and this can have an important place in the planning of all airports.


And then we move into tech and the morphing of virtual and phygital into hyperphysical. Again a different take on how to better reflect today’s passengers needs.


It is enlightened thinking and compelling viewing.



Peter Marshall

Founder: trunblocked.com/Marshall Arts

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