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Introduction by: Peter Marshall

I was delighted to be invited to Paris to conduct a series of exclusive interviews with L’Oréal Travel Retail’s General Managers. Sophie Neyertz-Ehrsam is GM for Digital and she really has a lot on her plate, covering social media, e-commerce, sustainability, digital transformation in all its forms and now, of course, the metaverse. As market leader, just trying to keep pace – even ahead –  of the game is almost an art form. But, as you will see from this 10 minute video – Part 2 follows later this week – L’Oréal are clearly delivering on all fronts in a very measured and robust way.
The two videos are comprehensive in their coverage of L’Oréal’s current digital consumer engagement and define L’Oréal’s category leadership. Whether from using a local approach in China, to the morphing of digital and physical offers, delivering beauty tech experiences, including personalised augmented experiences, all that is Artificial Intelligence, virtual stores, pop-ups, the metaverse, e-commerce, data gathering, sustainability, the importance of influencers –  it’s all to be found here. Sophie is highly articulate, passionate about her business and role and thoroughly engaging. Enjoy the video.


Peter Marshall

Founder: trunblocked.com/Marshall Arts

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