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Introduction by: Peter Marshall

This is the second part of the exclusive www.trunblocked.com video interview with Sophie Neyertz-Ehrsam. It is as comprehensive as the first, covering L’Oréal’s growing data collaboration with travel retailers, the beauty tech giant’s e-commerce model, managing consumer engagement online, sustainability and logistics, Web 3.0, data privacy, the importance of influencers and a whole lot more. 
So how would Sophie define L’Oréal’s digital vision of the world in the coming years? “There is a big shift happening at the moment. I think the world is shifting from digitalisation to virtualisation and from what we used to call O plus O to O plus O plus O, which is online, offline and onchain. I think we are still at the very early stages of Web 3.0, but I believe the world of tomorrow will definitely be physical, digital and virtual. I don’t think customers will have to choose between one reality or another – they will all be combined for them to experiment, to know our brands and to buy them”. 
Exciting times ahead!  


Peter Marshall

Founder: trunblocked.com/Marshall Arts
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