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Introduction by: Peter Marshall
At over 500 sq metres, L’Oréal’s two storey Pavilion at this year’s TFWA Singapore was one of many that stood out. Divided into 3 zones: Hair and Skincare, Fragrance and Makeup, it featured 19 of L’Oréal’s iconic brands. The short 2 minute video below tells the story.
What it doesn’t tell you is that this remarkable stand was made of sustainable materials. According to L’Oréal: “Its energy efficient design allowed for better ventilation and used ambient light from the venue itself, reducing the need for lighting and fixtures with lower consumption and conserving natural resources. The Pavilion’s weight optimisation makes it lighter and easier to transport, while the use of recyclable metal and steel substructure are not only eco-certified, but also meets industry standards and is eco-friendly. L’Oréal will also upcycle and recycle materials after the exhibition”.





Peter Marshall

Founder: trunblocked.com/Marshall Arts
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