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Introduction by: Peter Marshall

The Koskenkorva Village Day Experience is really something very, very special. Held across 3 days only in August, it provides an exceptional opportunity for invited guests to get close to the origins of the brand and be involved in what can only be described as an ‘immersive’ Finnish day. 60 guests from across the world were invited – distributors, bar, restaurant and club owners, as well as mixologists. I was the only Travel Retail media representative there.


This 3 minute video is jam-packed with everything that went on during the course of the 12 hour event. From arriving on a 1950’s train, to a tour of the distillery, to a fashion show (of sorts). Lunch had moose on the menu, where we also heard from a local farmer on the case for regenerative farming. Games next, including knife throwing, followed by berry picking in the forest (with appropriate cocktails, of course). Then a visit to Koskenkorva’s very own museum where we met the Koskenkorva family. This was followed by dinner, and then we all moved on to various options of typical Finnish saunas, with dancing and more cocktails afterwards. The evening was capped off with Koskenkorva straight from the tap – and only six minutes old.


What a day! Informative and riotously funny in parts. A great example of how to bind your customers to your brand.




Peter Marshall

Founder: trunblocked.com/Marshall Arts

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